Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some basics for media companies

Been thinking about some really basic principles that traditional media companies need to remember:

  • Don't assume people will find your website
  • Don't assume people will come to your website
  • Don't assume people will come back to your website once they have visited
  • Don't treat the web as a broadcast medium - it's not
  • Look at what really works on the web, not what looks flashy or beautiful
  • Social isn't a nice add-on, it's core
  • Don't create walled gardens
  • Focus on findable, linked, shareable unique content
  • Users behaviour online is different to what it is for radio or tv
  • Do the right thing for the medium - listen to people who understand it
  • Your brand won't carry you far online if you get it wrong
Not rocket science, but I feel better for writing it down.

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