Saturday, 24 July 2010

Clissold Park skatepark

With the restoration of Clissold Park we are promised a new skatepark, due in 2011. Having a son who is skateboard mad, and being an ex-skater myself many years ago, this is a subject of great interest in our house. The new park is going to be built on the eastern end of the grounds of the old redgra all-weather pitch, which as far as I can see was mainly used by dog owners as a dog toilet. Nice.

In recent weeks two interesting things have come to light. Firstly, Hackney Council have published an artist illustration of the new playground area. You can see it here.

Secondly, it seems that a company has been chosen to build it - Freestyle - according to an interview on the newly launched Clissold Skatepark site

I have started taking weekly photos of the space where the park will be built to track development and provide an archive of how it will be transformed. You can see the photos on Flickr, here.

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