Sunday, 25 July 2010


I used to like the pizza place on the raised ground floor of what was called "Booths" on Church Street. But since the food inspectors found unsavoury things in the kitchen I've been banned from going. So it's a relief that something new, and hopefully good, has now opened up in it's place. Homa, just opened, is a cafe and deli, with a restuarant downstairs. Will report back once I've tried it out.


  1. I quite like the food at Homa I have eaten there a couple of times just because I got a money off voucher from But I am not quite sure I like the service and I think that service is really important when you pay for it. I might go again if I can get another voucher from Stokedup.

  2. hi chris, i am promoting 2 new club nights in stoke newington church st at a new music venue the stokey records might be interested in covering it

    cool Damian Wildeye