Friday, 22 April 2011

Clissold Wheels skatepark now open

After what seems like ages, but in reality is about two years, the new skatepark in Clissold Park is now open. It officially opened on Thursday 21st April at 2pm, although local skaters had been unofficially slipping through the fencing for the previous week or so to try it out.

Initial feedback from experienced skaters is that it's good. There are two bowls, one shallow and one deep, with plenty of interesting features to keep it challenging. There's some water seeping into the deep bowl from the surrounding grass mounds which have just been turfed and are being heavily watered to keep the turf alive.

Inevitably it's been rammed as word spreads, and people are travelling from all over London to try it out. There's a nice grass bank next to the bowls which make for a great viewing area and little shade from the sun.

I've been taking photos of the site for the past 9 months or so, which can you see in the slideshow below.

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